Our core values

The JOENGO core values are based on 5 Cs. The 5 Cs contain 5 powerful terms that JOENGO sees as the basis for entering into a transformation with a client and as core characteristics of the JOENGO professionals who support our customers at strategic, tactical and operational level in strengthening the continuity.

joengo-digitale transformatie-digitalisering-mkb-kernwaarden
  1. ​Connect
  2. ​Conscious
  3. Change
  4. Confidence
  5. Coach


JOENGO is the phonetic form of the Latin word for CONNECT: 'iungo'. Connecting is the basis of every relationship and transformation. Connection with others ensures that we are seen, heard and appreciated for who we are. Then energy is created.

JOENGO believes that change can only be realized with a 'connection': the basis from which all subsequent activities and changes take place.

joengo-digitale transformatie-digitalisering-mkb-kernwaarden-1-connect


This is where the actual change takes place. It is important to take small steps to keep the total transformation manageable for all parties involved. Small steps towards a larger goal.

This is only possible if your organization is able to continue the changes, to continue experimenting and to continue to optimize.

Our professionals are change managers pur-sang and come up with creative solutions to use and continue the way forward.

joengo-digitale transformatie-digitalisering-mkb-kernwaarden-3-change


If you want to, we stay close, or as we call it: we stay connected. On the sidelines on an advisory basis, we will continue to assist your organization with the further deployment of digital opportunities for the sake of continuity. It is nice to be able to rely on a JOENGO professional who has been closely involved in the transformation.

Our professionals are eager to learn and coach each other, so that we are a high-quality Business & IT partner for the realization of transformations.

joengo-digitale transformatie-digitalisering-mkb-kernwaarden-5-coach