Delivery process

JOENGO has chosen to completely focus on the theme 'Digital Transformation' from its inception. This theme is so large, complex and challenging that focus on other competencies would divert. JOENGO is truly a specialist in the field of Digital Transformation.

All our time, energy and investments are aimed at identifying new developments and translating them into the necessary new knowledge and benefits for our customers.

During the implementation we use expert companies in the various areas of focus. These professionals have consciously opted for a long-term career in this field. All with passion for that area of interest. This means that all our professionals have relevant and up-to-date knowledge and experience at their disposal and contribute this to their clients.

A sophisticated delivery process

JOENGO has a sophisticated delivery process. Here we are on top, because it is one of the things that our customers attach great value to. Customers have their own account manager who is responsible for sales and delivery and is the single point of contact. Incoming requests are always picked up at JOENGO within 2 hours. A suitable proposal will be made within 48 hours at the latest.

JOENGO aims at long-term relationships with its customers. Our customers see us as reliable and professional. In our opinion, this is the result of an intensive customer relationship and an adequate and professional delivery process.

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