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passionate, positive, fun

Wibo Pollmann - Co-Founder JOENGO

Experienced business IT leader, connector, with expertise in the field of Digital Strategy and Transformation. Appealing results, even in a stubborn environment. Innovative in products and services. Winner Computable Award 2012, most innovative application: chain integration in the Cloud.

The personal motive for me is that there is a strong need, through our own entrepreneurship, to deliver added value in the Business IT field to organizations. Taking the shared final responsibility, together with an expert entrepreneur, and structurally putting together results with an enthusiastic team gives me positive energy, satisfaction and fun.

Relevant courses: Nyenrode MBA module Digital Strategy and Transformation; Erasmus University and HEAO Arnhem.

 Relevant work experiences: consultant Digital Strategy and Transformation ANDERSconsult; CEO ICT and consultancy organization NCCW.
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inspire, result, connect

​Ronald van Barneveld – Co-Founder JOENGO

Passionate, energetic, optimistic, experienced and result-oriented ICT (change) manager with a unique combination of knowledge and expertise on the aspects 'People', 'Process' & 'Technology'. A mature approach with a sharp eye for the intended result with attention for people.

The personal motive for me is to realize a long cherished dream to make a unique vision and way of working available to the world. Inspiring and connecting with customers, employees and partners and creating results ensures satisfaction and gives a lot of energy.

Relevant courses: Nyenrode Certified IT Management Manager.

Relevant work experience: consultant Business & ICT alignment ANDERSconsult; Director IT GroupM; Director Customer Success Mendix.

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