JOENGO Continuity Scan

Digital Transformation, digitization, Industry 4.0. Terms that are widely used on all media. You will certainly have seen them.

The success and continuity of a company is increasingly determined by the way in which a company utilizes digital opportunities to the full, is innovative and flexible, so that it can respond to a constantly changing market.

Digitization is changing everything: the way we think, communicate, with whom we compete, how we innovate and the new way we interact with customers. Old business models disappear and new ones take their place.

The JOENGO Continuity Scan delivers immediate value. Even during the completion of the scan you will become aware of where you are today in the field of digital leadership and the use of the digital potential in your organization.

The results of the scan are analyzed by our professionals and provide targeted, practical and independent advice. With this result you decide which steps you will take. After all, it is about your continuity.
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Insight into your organisation

The result of the JOENGO Continuity Scan provides insight into the digital and leadership capacities as well as insight into the following aspects:

  • Leadership capabilities
  • Digital vision
  • Employee engagement
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    Digital governance
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    Business & IT relationship
  • Digital capabilities
  • Interaction with customers
  • Operational processes
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    New businessmodels

Towards digital craftmenship

With the insight that follow from the JOENGO Continuity Scan, a roadmap can be drawn up to improve continuity and your distinctive character.

JOENGO helps you to draw up this roadmap towards digital craftsmanship.

With Digital Craftsmanship you excel in two parts:

  • You start using the digital possibilities in all your business processes and your customer involvement. You are constantly working on improving your business models.
  • You visualize and stimulate the transformation through strong leadership capabilities.

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'Excellent reflection'

At the start of the Energy Transition Group, we realized that the success of our company is partly determined by the way in which we apply technological developments. In the various growth phases of the company, we are constantly looking for new digital opportunities to further strengthen our continuity and market position, and we see more and more clearly the added value of a coherent digital strategy.

The JOENGO Continuity model gave us an excellent reflection about where we are today and where we want to go. The awareness process during filling is interesting already.

Peter den Biesen, De Groene Stroomfabriek

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